Carlson Boatworks


Carlson Boatworks would like to welcome you to explore the grand possibilities that can be yours with a Carlson Boatworks 25.  Speeding across the water in a capable, secure craft is a pleasure that is difficult to put into words.  Doing that in a wooden boat magnifies that delight by putting you into an elite level of mariners and the envy of anyone on or near the water.  Traditionally, ownership of such a fine craft relegated you to either an antique boat or to a modern interpretation that retains the same engineering faults and construction techniques that can make for a very maintenance-intensive boat.  Using a new hull design and finishes, along with the wooden composite building method that has proven itself time and again by various builders for over 35 years, Carlson Boatworks shaped a craft that invokes the spirit of the great American and Italian runabouts into a modern boat, with all of today’s technology, placing it in a category unrivaled on the water today.  The evolution of modern coatings and adhesives has made it possible for a properly designed and constructed boat to provide decades of trouble free service, nicely blending the natural aspects of an organic construction material together with the latest mechanical innovations.  Carlson Boatworks is introducing the limited production model CB 25, available for deliveries starting in 2008.